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Dale Brown novels include "Flight of the Old Dog," "The Tin Man" and "Starfire." These novels are part of Brown's main series that features protagonist Patrick McLanahan, a United States Air Force officer. Other novels by Dale Brown are "Act of War," "Silver Tower" and "Storming Heaven."

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"Flight of the Old Dog" was Brown's first novel, published in 1987. In the novel, the Soviet Union has neutralized America's nuclear arsenal with a laser that can pinpoint and destroy targeted areas across the globe. To put a stop to this, the United States activates "Old Dog Zero One," an old B-52 upgraded with state of the art weaponry. The novel features dramatization of aerial combat and suspenseful storytelling.

Brown's most recent novel "Starfire" is a military thriller that explores the possibilities of weaponization in space. In the novel, Bradley James McLanahan leads a team of engineers in designing the world's first orbiting solar power plant, "Starfire." The plans to industrialize Earth's orbit soon ignite an arms race, and Bradley and his team become enthralled in a battle that could become an all-out war for control of space.

Dale Brown is the author of over 20 books, 13 of which appeared on the New York Times Best Sellers list. He is most famous for his aviation and science fiction novels.

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