What Are Some Daily Online Comic Strips?


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Some daily online comic strips include “Hark! A Vagrant,” “Diesel Sweeties” and “Dinosaur Comics.” These offbeat comics are stranger and more subversive than traditional newspaper comic strips.

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Canadian cartoonist Kate Beaton’s “Hark! A Vagrant” is one of the most celebrated online comics, winning the prestigious Harvey Award for Best Online Comic in 2011 and 2012. A non-serial strip that commonly focuses on literary and historical figures, the comic also includes Beaton’s humorous takes on relationships, growing up and modern culture. The success of “Hark! A Vagrant” has led to print editions from prominent indie publisher Drawn and Quarterly.

Writer and artist R Stevens’ “Diesel Sweeties” is one of the Web’s most enduring comic strips, running consistently since 2000. Known for its unique pixelated art style, the comic focuses on the interactions of a quirky friend group that includes both humans and robots, such as the emotional Clango and the homicidal Reb Robot #C-63. Talking cats, appliances and other objects also make appearances, rendering “Diesel Sweeties” a surreal, often hilarious daily strip.

Ryan North’s “Dinosaur Comics” is a staple of alternative culture, appearing both online and in many alternative newspapers across the country. The dialogue-centric comic adopts the unique constraint of featuring the same art each day, with only the text changing. From superheroes to geological history, North’s dinosaurs offer satiric takes on issues both mundane and profound.

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