What are some daily online comic strips?


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Some daily online comic strips include ���Hark! A Vagrant,��� ���Diesel Sweeties��� and ���Dinosaur Comics.��� These offbeat comics are stranger and more subversive than traditional newspaper comic strips.

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Canadian cartoonist Kate Beaton���s ���Hark! A Vagrant��� is one of the most celebrated online comics, winning the prestigious Harvey Award for Best Online Comic in 2011 and 2012. A non-serial strip that commonly focuses on literary and historical figures, the comic also includes Beaton���s humorous takes on relationships, growing up and modern culture. The success of ���Hark! A Vagrant��� has led to print editions from prominent indie publisher Drawn and Quarterly.

Writer and artist R Stevens��� ���Diesel Sweeties��� is one of the Web���s most enduring comic strips, running consistently since 2000. Known for its unique pixelated art style, the comic focuses on the interactions of a quirky friend group that includes both humans and robots, such as the emotional Clango and the homicidal Reb Robot #C-63. Talking cats, appliances and other objects also make appearances, rendering ���Diesel Sweeties��� a surreal, often hilarious daily strip.

Ryan North���s ���Dinosaur Comics��� is a staple of alternative culture, appearing both online and in many alternative newspapers across the country. The dialogue-centric comic adopts the unique constraint of featuring the same art each day, with only the text changing. From superheroes to geological history, North���s dinosaurs offer satiric takes on issues both mundane and profound.

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