What Is Daily Motion?

What Is Daily Motion?

Dailymotion is a streaming video hosting website. Users can upload and watch standard quality and high-definition videos through the website. Dailymotion also features social media functionality, letting users share videos on Dailymotion itself as well as many other social media networks.

Viewing videos on Dailymotion does not require that a user create and register an official account, while uploading videos or sharing videos on social media does require an account.

Dailymotion user accounts are free, and the site generates its revenue through advertising. The site features contextual advertisements on the website, as well as video advertisements before videos.

Users can monetize their Dailymotion content, giving them a small share of the revenue generated whenever a user watches an advertisement preceding one of their videos. Dailymotion gives users the option of embedding their videos on other websites, letting viewers stream the content without visiting the Dailymotion site directly. Users can also create paid content, where viewers must pay a fee before watching the videos.

Two friends, who managed to raise enough money to get the site off the ground, founded Dailymotion in 2005 in Paris, France. As of 2015, Dailymotion still calls Paris home, but the site now operates worldwide. Dailymotion is available in 18 different languages and 35 different versions tailored to specific international regions.