Why Is There Not a Daily Calendar for "The Far Side"?

"The Far Side" was a daily cartoon created by Gary Larson from 1980 until his retirement in 1995. The daily calendar ceased production in 2002. Aficionados of Larson's work can purchase books, including two definitive volumes depicting all of his cartoons, from national booksellers.

The cartoonist cited the daily grind of deadlines as one reason for his retirement. After 15 years, Larson's work was everywhere with daily single-panel pieces, calendars, books, greeting cards, apparel and other merchandise. Larson's last work on "The Far Side" was in 2003, when he had spent nearly three years composing a massive 1,200-page two-volume set of his masterpiece.

The reclusive cartoonist told Time magazine in 2003 that he doesn't like having his picture taken and won't do television interviews. Larson told the media outlet he still plays jazz guitar every once in a while.

Larson grew up in Seattle and was working at a music store when he decided to try cartooning. The Seattle Times and San Francisco Chronicle syndicated Larson's work before it turned into a worldwide phenomenon. In October 1994, shortly before his retirement, the animated short "Tales from the Far Side" was released. The final "The Far Side" cartoon ran Jan. 1, 1995.