What Is Dagwood's Dog's Name?

Dagwood Bumstead's dog is named Daisy. Dagwood's wife is named Blondie, and their children are named Alexander and Cookie. The five family members are characters in the comic strip "Blondie," which was first published in 1930.

Other characters in the comic strip include the postman, Mr. Beasley, and Dagwood's boss ,Julius Caesar Dithers. Herb Woodley is Dagwood's best friend, and Herb's wife, Tootsie Woodley, is Blondie's best friend. Elmo Tuttle is a neighborhood kid, and Lou works at the diner that Dagwood frequents.

In addition to being a comic strip, "Blondie" has also been made into comic books, films, radio programs, animated cartoons and television sitcoms. One sitcom aired in 1957 and starred Arthur Lake and Pamela Britton as Dagwood and Blondie. The second ran in 1968 and 1969 and starred Will Hutchins and Patricia Harty in the leading roles.