When the Cyclops Asks About His Ship What Does Odysseus Tell Him?

The Cyclops does not ask Odysseus about his ship, but he does ask Odysseus what his name is. Odysseus says that his name is "No Man" as a part of an escape plan.

Cyclops is a vicious one-eyed monster who eats two men when Odysseus and his men are trapped on Cyclops's island. To beat the Cyclops and get back to his ship with his men, Odysseus tells the Cyclops that his name is "No Man." Odysseus gives Cyclops strong wine from his ship. Having never been drunk before, the Cyclops drinks the wine freely and becomes drunk. Odysseus then uses heated timbers to blind Cyclops by pushing the timbers into his eyes. When Cyclops wakes up from his drunken sleep flailing his arms and shouting, he is blind.

The other Cyclops on the island come running to help him, but when they ask who hurt him, he can only say "No Man." This makes it impossible for the other Cyclops to know who to track down and they all go back home laughing. In the morning, Odysseus and his men tie themselves to the belly of the sheep and escape through the cave as the Cyclops lets the sheep out to pasture.

This scene takes place in the epic "The Odyssey," which was written by Homer in Greek originally. It consists of 24 books and is often taught in high school classrooms.