Who Is Cupid?

cupid Credit: JuliusJVloothuis/Moment Open/Getty Images

In ancient mythology, Cupid was the Roman god of love. Cupid was the son of Venus, the goddess of love, and his father was Mercury, the winged messenger of the gods.

Cupid is generally depicted as a cherub who shoots an arrow to ignite love in his targets, and he is considered mischievous when creating his matches. Most often, he is considered to be an angel of happiness in the world of love.

A plan backfired on Venus, who was jealous of Psyche, a beautiful mortal woman. Venus requested that Cupid cause Psyche to fall in love with a monster. What ultimately happened was that Cupid met and fell in love with Psyche, after seeing how beautiful she was. He had dropped his arrow and pricked himself instead. He had her whisked away to a palace and ordered her to never try to see him, as he would visit her at night. After being convinced to look at him by her sisters, she accidentally woke him. She searched long and hard for him before going to Venus for help. Venus arranged for her to complete many tasks, which she did. In the end, Cupid and Psyche were married and lived happily ever after.