What Are Some Crochet Square Patterns?


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Some crochet square patterns include the Aran square, the Autumn Warmth square, the Star Lily hexagon, the Magic Spike Mandala square, the weave square and the Schoharie Spring square. Each of these squares has a different pattern and color scheme.

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The Aran square is a basic crochet square that includes extended lines flaring from a center ring. It includes a subdued brown tone. The Autumn Warmth square interweaves a green exterior trim with bright red, pinks and yellows in the center. The Star Lily pattern distinguishes itself because it is a hexagon, not a square. It includes a bright, six-pointed floral pattern embedded in a dark background setting.

The Magic Spike Mandala is an airy, colorful square pattern that includes a boxed blue pattern on a background of white. The center is a pink ring with green trim that invokes the mandalas commonly drawn in India. The weave square is a popular pattern that many crochet enthusiasts use. It includes a checkerboard pattern of greens or yellows on a background of white. The Schoharie Spring includes blue trim inside a white box. The center of the square is a rotating vortex pattern, similar to a water vortex or a spring.

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