What Have Been Some Criticisms of the Perfecter Brush?

Some criticisms of the Perfecter Brush, as noted by reviews on Trademarkia.com, include the brush not working as advertised, the barrel being too big for shorter hair and the brush bristles are too long and stiff. Results of using the Perfecter Brush may vary depending on the individual's experience, hair type and length as well as properly using the product according to the included instructions. Most of the criticisms are addressed in the FAQ section at TryPerfecter.com.

The noted online reviews and negative criticisms of the Perfecter Brush may be due to user error, improper operation of the brush or an isolated negative experience with the product. To obtain intended results, potential users of the brush should follow instructions. For instance, the product website's how-to-use page recommends using the brush on dry hair only, in small sections, for three to eight seconds with a preheated brush. Some users who have criticisms may or may not have followed these tips, as the specifics of their experiences are not documented in their review comments. The Perfecter Brush's website, TryPerfecter.com, offers new customers a 60-day money-back guarantee, so customers can try the product and those who are unsatisfied can return it within the guaranteed period, based on information on TryPerfecter.com.