What Are Some Critically Acclaimed Novels?


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Some critically acclaimed novels include Toni Morrison's "Beloved," Don DeLillo's "Underworld" and David Foster Wallace's "Infinite Jest." All three novels received substantial accolades from writers, literary critics, editors and academics.

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Toni Morrison's 1987 novel "Beloved" examines the complex legacy of slavery and its effect on individuals, families and African Americans as a whole. Set in a small Ohio town in the years following the Civil War, the novel follows former slave Sethe, her daughter Denver and a mysterious visitor known only as Beloved. Moving between past and present, this dark, lyrical novel provides a shocking portrayal of slavery's social and psychological effects.

"Underworld" is Don DeLillo's magnum opus, a lengthy, digressive, complex meditation on American history and the Cold War. Moving between characters, time periods and writing styles, DeLillo circles around a recurring set of themes, examining how different Americans deal with time and the literal and figurative waste that it creates. This 800-page novel won rave reviews and cemented DeLillo's status as one of the major figures in American letters.

David Foster Wallace was in his early 30s when he published "Infinite Jest," a sprawling, massively hyped novel that pegged him as the reluctant voice of his generation. Set in both an elite tennis academy and an addict's halfway house, the novel examines the bizarre mix of tedium and stimulation that defines American culture.

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