What Are Some Creative Uses for Lightning Bolt Graphics?

What Are Some Creative Uses for Lightning Bolt Graphics?

Sticky car decals, clothing designs, desktop wallpapers and illustrations are four creative uses for lightning bolt graphics. Lightning bolt graphics can have either a realistic or cartoonish look.

Use lightning bolt decals to decorate a vehicle. Clean the surface of the car with rubbing alcohol. Place the decal on the car, and rub a credit card across to make sure it sticks. Peel the paper holding the decal, and then peel the protective layer.

Use lightning bolts on items of clothing. Although clothing with lightning bolt graphics is readily available, it's fun to design personal items by using online applications. CustomInk lets customers design their own T-shirts and prints the T-shirts for them.

Utilize lightning bolt graphics as wallpapers for desktop computers and mobile devices. Because lightning bolt wallpapers often have high contrast, they do not mix well with icons or text but make ideal background images.

Graphic designers can use lightning bolt graphics when designing Web pages, logos and icons. WinAmp is one example that uses a lightning bolt icon. The icon features an orange 3-D lightning bolt on a flat white surface. Likewise, the Messenger application by Facebook features a white lightning bolt image in a blue speech bubble.