What Creative Opportunities Are Available at the Interlochen Center for the Arts?

The Interlochen Center for the Arts offers classes in artistic fields including Creative Writing, Dance, Music, Visual Arts and Theater as of 2015. Each class is designed with a particular age group in mind, ranging from third graders to adults 18 years old and older. Interlochen also hosts live performances by orchestras, musicians and dance troupes at its northwestern Michigan campus.

The Interlochen Center for the Arts hosts Summer Arts programs for students in grades 3 through 12. Topics include Creative Writing, Dance, Motion Picture Arts, Music and Visual Arts. Older kids can attend Interlochen Arts Academy, a boarding high school (grades 9-12 and a post-graduate year) with an emphasis on fine arts. Available majors at the academy include Comparative Arts, Theater Arts, Creative Writing, Visual Arts and Motion Picture Arts, all of which are sub-divided into more distinct categories. For example, there is no major in music, but programs are offered in instrumentals, vocals, music composition and singer-songwriting.

Adult programs cover a variety of topics, ranging from "Introduction to Calligraphy" to "Protecting Your Creativity: Planning, Contracts and Copyrights for Artists." These courses can help to prepare for a career in the arts or simply be taken for fun. All Interlochen programs have limited runs and space is limited, so reservations for any event or class can be made on Interlochen.org.

Interlochen also offers two 24/7 radio stations in the northwestern Michigan area, with one dedicated to classical music and the other to local news and information. Both are affiliated with National Public Radio and the Associated Press. Specific channel numbers vary by county.