Who Created the "Garfield" Comic Strip?


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Jim Davis created "Garfield." Davis first sold "Garfield" to a newspaper in 1978. By 1990, the strip had won him all the major national cartoon awards. In 2015, the Guinness Book of Records recognized "Garfield" as the biggest syndicated comic strip in the world.

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Davis' love of animals and art was first nurtured during his childhood years on a farm in Indiana, then through his studies at art college and through his work for fellow cartoonist Tom Ryan. He branched on his own with his first comic creation, Gnorm Gnat. While viewed as funny, he was told that the character lacked the everyday appeal of a domesticated animal. Davis went back to his drawing board and created Garfield.

Davis says Garfield is named after his grandfather, James Garfield Davis, and his personality is a combination of the stray cats that used to roam his parents' farm.

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