How Do You Create a Wanted Poster for a School Project?

How Do You Create a Wanted Poster for a School Project?

Create a wanted poster using specialized online tools or free resources such as fonts and tutorials. A wanted poster features paper that appears old-fashioned, a mugshot and text in a Western slab serif font. To begin, select paper that has the look of parchment or is tan-colored. If colored paper is unavailable, free paper textures are available to download.

For the mugshot, a sepia-toned photograph works well as it maintains the old-fashioned feel. Tutorials for tinting photographs are available online.

The final step in creating the poster is adding the text. If a Western font is not already installed on the computer, download a free font of a similar style. At the top of the poster, above the mugshot, type "WANTED" and give details about the person's crimes below the mugshot. Include information about a reward for their capture.

Using software such as Photoshop allows for a lot of flexibility when designing the poster. A tutorial at includes locations for downloading textures and detailed instructions for making the poster appear aged.

An automatic wanted poster generator is available at The generator includes spaces for lines of text, and can incorporate an uploaded photo. Further editing options include changing the poster's background color, or creating the background from an existing image.