How Do You Create a Turkey Template?


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The method for creating a turkey template varies depending on the medium and the level of realism you require. Make a template for a cartoon turkey by tracing your hand to use as the body and feathers. For a more complex turkey, sketch out individual shapes to create the animal.

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One common method for creating a turkey template for drawing art projects is to trace your hand with the fingers extended, as it bears a similar resemblance to the bird. Place your hand with the palm touching the paper and spread your fingers apart, keeping the index through little finger pointing towards the top of the page grouped somewhat close together. Extend your thumb as far to the side as possible, creating a clear distinction between the two groups. Trace around the edges as completely as possible, and then cut it out to make the template. Use the thumb area as the head and the extended fingers as the feathers, decorating the interior of the outline as you see fit.

For a more realistic or complex turkey template, draw out separate shapes for each section of the animal starting with a slightly oblong circle for the body. Draw the neck as a slender cylinder with a round area at one end for the head. Create individual templates for the feathers of the turkey's tail.

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