How Do You Create a Stickman Animation?

How Do You Create a Stickman Animation?

Programs to create a stickman animation include Pivot Animator, Stykz and StickDraw. These programs are easier to use than more general animation programs, which let users create several different kinds of animation.

Frame-based programs allow users to define the position of the stickman in each of the frames, and the program assembles the frames in a single animated scene. There are programs for different platforms.

Pivot Animator is a freeware application for Windows. It creates monochrome stick-figures animations and can export them to GIF and AVI formats. Users can customize the background image of the animation. While Pivot Animator doesn't support sound, the user may add sound to the exported AVI file by using other programs, such as Windows Movie Maker.

Stykz is a free, open source multiplatform application. It runs on Windows and Mac OS X. Stykz can import creations from Pivot Animator and exports the animations to MOV and GIF formats. While users cannot select a background image, they can customize the background color. It doesn't support sound.

StickDraw is a free ad-supported application for Android. Unlike Pivot Animator and Stykz, the user must either manually draw every frame or duplicate a previously created frame. Animations can be exported to GIF and MP4 formats.