How Do You Create and Print Shapes?

To create various shapes, you can use free programs such as Microsoft Paint, which is available for most computers with Windows, or GIMP, which can be found at Use various lines or the shape tools to make the shape you desire, and press print when you're done.

As of 2015, Microsoft Paint now includes various shape tools including stars, arrows, pentagons, triangles, hearts and speech bubbles. The program also still has the basic shape tools, such as rectangles and ellipticals. You can combine shapes to create abstract shapes as well.

Microsoft Paint also gives the option to adjust the line width of your shapes. Make thick lines to increase visibility when printing out your shapes for you to color or cut out. If you prefer, you can use the bucket tool to fill in your shapes with the color you desire to make some fun images. If the shape you make is the wrong orientation, use the rotate button to rotate your shape, which is useful if you are combining it with other shapes.

Before printing, make sure your printing options do not shrink or stretch your image, as you may end up with a different result after printing than what was created on your computer.