How Do You Create a Person Online With Bitstrips?


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Create a person online with Bitstrips by using the character creator utility on Bitstrips.com, following the steps in the character creation wizard that lets you modify hair, skin tone, eyes and outfit, among other elements, and making final tweaks by using the Pro Mode option. Before saving the character, log in with your Facebook account, or use your email address to create a new account.

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On Bitstrips.com, click on the Character link in the Create field, select a gender, use the arrows to rotate the head if necessary, and select a skin tone. Click Next, select a face shape, and use the real-time preview of your selections to gauge your choices. Use the Back and Next button to navigate between individual character features, or select a feature directly by hovering over the black bar below the character creator screen and clicking on the desired option. If you want to have more control over the creation process, click on the Pro Mode button.

In Pro Mode, select a preset facial expression, or click on the gear icon, and modify the shape and dimensions of individual facial features such as pupils, eyelids, eyebrows and mouth. Hover over options that control features such as headwear, body type and accessories, select a subcategory, and choose individual elements. If you used the character creation wizard, click the No, It’s Perfect Like This button to complete the creation process; otherwise, click the Save button, and log in when prompted.

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