How Do You Create Your Own Word Art Online?

Several online word art tools allow users to turn their text into custom word art by selecting lettering styles, font sizes and special effects and then clicking a Create or Generate button to preview the creation. The exact process and available features vary depending on the online resource.

Select from dozens of styles at, including letters with animated flames, blinking text and simple beveled designs. Enter the desired text, select a font size, and change the font style to customize your word art. Users may also set colors, shadows and transparency, and they can add a background image or company logo as well.

Making word art at requires a similar process. Choose from hundreds of designs, ranging from simple lettering with subtle colors to animated spinning styles, and then select colors, font sizes and shadowing styles to personalize the text you enter. This online word art generator offers an assortment of advanced features to slant, rotate and outline the letters.

Xara 3D Maker is a simple online word art generator available on several websites, including Type the desired words into the text box, choose a font and a font size, select from about half a dozen styles, and pick a color for the word art. Save the created file to your personal computer.