How Do You Create Your Own Virtual Fairy?

One way to make a virtual fairy is to use a website such as, and These websites feature different games that allow users to create virtual pet fairies.

To create a virtual fairy with Rainbow Magic, choose the "Create a Fairy" game and use the mouse to click on parts of the fairy that need to be customized. Parts of the fairy that can be customized include the hair color, hair style, skin color, shoes and wing shape. The dress, necklace, crown and wand are also customizable. When the fairy appears as desired, click the Done button, and print out a picture of the fairy.

To create a fairy with Doll Divine, start by clicking the Fantasy option from the top menu, and choose Fairies from the sub-category menu. Choose one of the "Fairy Maker" games, and follow the instructions for the chosen game. Some of the games let users fully customize a fairy while others only allow the fairy to be decorated or given new clothing. Examples of fairy games to choose from include "Pixie Dress Up," "Easter Lily" and "Snow Fairy." Fairy-making games from Dress Up 121 include "Holiday Fairy Make Up" and "Flower Princess Fairy Make Up."