How Do You Create Your Own Vector Graphics?


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Create your own vector graphics by using a vector graphic editor such as Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw or Inkscape. While Inkscape is available for free, users must pay to download Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw as of 2015. All three applications are available for both Windows and Mac OS X systems.

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Vector graphics consists of hundreds of thousands of lines and curves that carry shape and color data. This formulated approach allows the user to scale a vector image without pixelation problems or loss of detail. In comparison, raster graphics consists of pixels that carry color data. As such, they appear pixelated and blurry when scaled up and lose details when scaled down.

That vector graphics are scalable makes them popular choices for designing logos. For instance, a vector logo of a company can easily be scaled to fit posters, business cards, websites and products. Even when a client demands the logo as a raster image, graphic designers often design the logo as a vector image and convert the final result to a raster image. This makes it easier for designers to make alterations based on client feedback.

If you're new to vector graphics, you can learn how to use any of the three programs by following the free tutorials available on their websites. Both Adobe and Corel offer free trials of their applications, so you can practice what you learn from the tutorials and compare the applications to find out which one suits your workflow.

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