How do you create your own super hero?


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Create a superhero the same way you would any original fictional character, with the added requirement of super powers. B. McKenzie, the founder of Superhero Nation and a coach for aspiring comic book writers, offers a detailed superhero creation questionnaire on his website, located at SuperheroNation.com.

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How do you create your own super hero?
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A compelling super hero character requires more than a fancy costume and enhanced abilities. Like any other character, she needs a name, an occupation, physical features and a personality. Ask yourself some basic questions about her world, relationships and her feelings about her powers. Think of new ways that she can use her powers against her enemies or in everyday life.

For many comic book fans, a superhero's origin story defines the character, according to Newsarama. It shows how his powers came to be and shares his reactions to his new abilities and responsibilities. For example, Batman was traumatized at a young age by his parents' deaths, then turned to fighting crime to manage his inner demons. Spiderman was bitten by a radioactive spider, and its venom transformed his DNA. Superman crash landed on earth as an infant and was raised by human parents until he came into his full powers as an adult.

Finally, no super hero is complete without a conflict. This could be an impending war, natural disaster, alien invasion or the rise of an evil villain. The battle between good and evil is central to the comic book culture. Create an adversary for your superhero that challenges his powers and abilities.

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