How Do You Create Your Own Poster?


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To create an effective poster, plan what information you want to include, decide how you want it arranged on the posterboard, and then create the content. You can either create a physical poster with posterboard and other supplies or a virtual one using a program such as PowerPoint.

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How Do You Create Your Own Poster?
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Know your target audience and the information you need to convey to them. You only have a limited space, so choose your information carefully. After this, plan the layout. Your poster needs to draw the eyes of readers, so choose a strong graphical element such as a chart or a graph to place in the center of the page. If you have to use more than one image, try to place them symmetrically.

The poster should be legible from about 1 yard away and draw attention from 5 yards. Picking a strong font such as Arial Bold for headers and Times New Roman for content draws the reader's gaze to the text. The text content of the poster should range from 300 to 700 words. This provides adequate information without overwhelming the audience.

Finally, consider the background color and arrangement. Avoid using colors that are too garish, because they cause eyestrain and distract the audience from the content. Include plenty of space between different elements of the poster. Data that's too clumped together is hard to see or interpret.

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