How Do You Create Your Own Graffiti Artwork?


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To create graffiti artwork, first learn the history of graffiti, including reading books and watching documentaries. Gain an understanding of how to shape letters, followed by learning to craft a tag, choosing a personal graffiti name and forming graffiti-styled words. Next, explore the variety of graffiti art possibilities.

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How Do You Create Your Own Graffiti Artwork?
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The book "Subway Art" is a helpful tool for beginning artists, as is the documentary "Style Wars" by Henry Chalfant. Learning the culture, slang and values within the graffiti community is also useful when trying to become a graffiti artist.

Looking at the work of other artists can help you shape your own style. Most cities host places where graffiti art can be displayed without legal repercussions. Legal-Walls.net offers a map of such places.

Before partaking in your own writing, review common forms of typography. Study the thickness of the lines, both curved and straight, as well as the symmetry, angles and spacing of gaps in the letters. Practice creating your own lines.

An important component to graffiti is an artist's tag, which should give the impression of life and movement. Use your whole body to design the tag, with sweeping movements and angled lines.

Shape words and then play with the angles, spacing and sizing of each letter. GraffitiDiplomacy.com offers step-by-step instructions for how to design tags, in addition to suggestions about diverse graffiti art projects.

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