How Do You Create Your Own DC Super Hero Online?


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To create your own online super hero in the DC comics universe, you must download the game "DC Universe Online." Within this role-playing game, you can create characters based on iconic DC heroes or villains or build your own from scratch.

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As of 2015, "DC Universe Online" is available to play on both PC and the Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 consoles, but you must have an Internet connection for each. After a brief introductory movie establishing the setting, the game displays a character creation screen where you choose a variety of attributes. Some choices, such as character gender, faction (hero or villain) and mentor do not allow modifications. Mentors include Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman on the hero side, and mentor villains are Lex Luthor, the Joker and Circe.

Unless you've chosen to base your character on an iconic DC character, you must pick your power type and weapon after choosing your gender and mentor. The free-to-play powers include fire, ice, gadgets, nature, mental and sorcery, while other power types such as hard light, rage or quantum are available for purchase or are accessible by subscribing to the game. Weapons include hand blasters, brawling, martial arts, bow, staff and guns. Other choices include additional one- or two-handed weapons. From there you can customize your character's appearance, and once you have the basics established, you start the game.

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