How Do You Create Your Own Coloring Design Patterns?

How Do You Create Your Own Coloring Design Patterns?

Create coloring page designs using the design tool available at or by using to turn a photograph into a coloring page. Experienced software users can utilize programs such as Adobe Photoshop to create coloring pages.

Open the design tool at by selecting Design New from the home page. Select the shapes to add to the design, adjust the sizes, and place them in the desired configuration. When the design is complete, select Actions from the menu, and download the finished design as a PDF or JPEG file. Print the image to color.

Use to turn digital photographs into coloring pages. Upload a photograph, and then use the editing tools to refine the image. When the design is complete, download and save the file to print.

Adobe Photoshop can turn a digital image into a coloring page. Choose a simple image with clean lines. Add a new layer by duplicating the original layer. On the new layer, use the desaturate tool to turn the image into grayscale.

Duplicate the desaturated layer, and then invert the image. Apply Guassian Blur, moving the slider until the image looks like a line drawing. Flatten the image, and adjust the contrast to darken the black lines. Save and print the image.