How Do You Create Your Own Church Graphics?

To make a church graphic for a sermon, first create a new slide in a program such as Microsoft PowerPoint and choose a background color. Then, select a graphic to place onto the background, copying and pasting from another source. Finally, enter a title using the typing tool in the software.

To make a church graphic for use in sermons, follow the steps below.

  1. Create a new slide in PowerPoint
  2. Open Microsoft PowerPoint or a similar program such as Keynote. Create a new slide by clicking on the Home tab in the Slides menu and selecting New Slide. Choose a background color.

  3. Add a graphic
  4. Copy the desired graphic, either from online or another source, and paste it onto the background. recommends aiming for simplicity when choosing a graphic that is relevant to the sermon or church.

  5. Add a title
  6. Using the typing tool, enter a catchy slogan or title above the graphic. Ideally, the font used for the title should match the style of the graphic. If the ideal font is not available in PowerPoint, has a list of 188 church fonts for use in church graphics, each available for free download and use as of 2015. Install the font and select it from the font menu in PowerPoint to type the graphic's title and any bullet points relevant to the sermon.