How Do You Create Your Own Cartoon for Free?


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Free methods for creating cartoons include using the websites GoAnimate, Wideo.co, Dvolver, Voki, and Digitalfilms.com. These websites allow creation of cartoons in various styles. Other websites that can enable this include ToonDoo, Bitstrips, and Powtoon.

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How Do You Create Your Own Cartoon for Free?
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Many websites offer tools for the creation of cartoons, allowing users to create and select unique characters, give them voices and make them move, as well as letting them add background music for the videos. Unfortunately, several of these options only offer short trials or limited functionality if customers don't pay or register, making it difficult to use them in the long term. Additionally, the functionality of each website varies.

While sites like Bitstrips only allow the placement of static characters and word bubbles over a still background, choices like GoAnimate allow movement of the characters, and still others permit voices to be given to the characters. Typically, the more functions and options a website has, the more likely it is users eventually have to pay to download videos, publish them, or register for a service to continue making videos after the initial trial. Before settling on a service, it's important for users to figure out what's needed from the cartoon-making service and to review all of the choices available.

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