How Do You Create Your Own Ambigram?


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Create a personal ambigram by first writing the desired word or words out in a similar case. Then, write the word backwards below the original, lining up each letter. Flip the letters on the second line upside down, then modify each letter to look like its corresponding letter.

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When combining the letters, you may need to hollow out a letter or add additional markings to your creation so that both letters appear within the shape, and you can see the desired letter when it is rotated 180 degrees. Sometimes the letters may align so that you are writing the same letter, just viewed the same from both sides. This combination is a simple starting point for the rest of the ambigram. You may decide to write the word or words in lower or upper case, depending on what version is easier to modify into an ambigram.

Be sure to flip the final product 180 degrees to ensure that the word is visible from both angles. The most common form of ambigram is rotational, or flipscript, which means that the word is visible if rotated 180 degrees. If desired, you may use a variety of Internet sites that will create an ambigram for you. The website FlipScript uses decorative fonts and combine a maximum of two words to create a rotational ambigram.

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