How Do You Create Original Art?


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To begin creating your own original art, find your unique inspiration, and develop your unique style of creation. Everyone has a unique personality and perspective, and like your personality and perspective, your art is a reflection of you, so your creativity is as original as you are.

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Begin by thinking deeply and identifying your unique ideas. A dream journal may be a good place to start because, while people can have similar dreams, our dreams are truly our own and affect each of us differently. The events of your dream and the feeling it created in you can inspire great and original art, as dreams have done for countless other artists throughout time. True creativity is difficult to achieve, given the preponderance of art, design and other creations in the world today. Modeling others' styles when painting or engaging in photography, illustration, sculpting or other forms of creativity is a good way to hone your skills so you can bring the original ideas in your mind to life, but to create your own original art, focus on the images, stories and ideas that come naturally and uniquely to you. Then use your skills to create in your chosen medium. It takes practice and trail and error over time to harness your creative abilities.

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