How Do You Create a NetSpend Account?

How Do You Create a NetSpend Account?

Internet users wishing to make a NetSpend account need only choose the "Sign Up Now" utility from the site's main page, fill out the requested contact and personal information fields and await their pre-approved card in the mail. The cards can be funded by their owners at various affiliated businesses, such as Walgreens and other pharmaceutical companies.

Creating a NetSpend account only takes a few minutes. Users only need to provide basic information and an address NetSpend can mail the prepaid debit card to.

  1. Provide information
  2. The first step for the user is to enter contact information. This includes a telephone number, email address and physical address. The address is needed in order for NetSpend to actually ship the debit card once registration is complete.

  3. Complete registration
  4. Once all information is entered, users must confirm their email address and complete the registration process. An email will be sent to their address with a confirmation link which, when clicked, completes the registration process and allows them to begin using the site and arranging for the shipping of their card.

  5. Establish direct deposit
  6. Once a user has established their account and received a card, they can arrange for a direct card deposit through the site. The site allows them to query an employer to set up the process.