How Do You Create a Memorial Program?


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To make a memorial program for a funeral, first choose the format of the program, then gather the content of the program depending on the type of service. The program format generally includes a cover with a picture of the deceased, the order of the service on the inside and an obituary, either inside or in the back cover.

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One option is to decorate the cover with figures and print it in color. Consider adding the date of birth and date of death of the deceased to the cover. Break down the content of the service into a variety of sections, including songs, readings and Bible verses, or print it chronologically according to order of the service. If you wish, include in the program family and clergy members who participate in the service.

A single-fold letter-size format is the easiest one to put together and allows you to add extra material without any problems. When creating the booklet, consider using computer software that offers options for this specific type of booklet, such as Microsoft Word, Publisher and Apple iWork Pages. Before you begin, gather all the information necessary, such as a copy of the obituary, which you can expand from the version in the newspaper, and details of the service from whomever is officiating the service and responsible family members.

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