How Do You Create Landscape Plans?


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Create a landscape plan by mapping out a basic sketch of things that are unchangeable on the property, then examine options through subsequent sketches, and finally, draw the final draft. While many homeowners hire professional landscapers to compose their plans, you can do it yourself.

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Before putting a pencil to paper, you need to understand the symbols used on landscape plans. Common symbols used represent buildings, trees, plants and types of stone. However, there is no standardized key; symbols can be anything from dashed lines to triangles. Because of the lack of standardization, it is important for you and any landscaping service utilized to have a common understanding of what each symbol means.

Once you have determined the symbols, create a basic sketch of the land. This should not include any future plans; it is merely a representation of static, unalterable things, such as the location of a house or driveway. With the basic sketch completed, start considering landscaping ideas. One method of doing this is to make photocopies of the basic sketch and draw out your ideas on each copy. Alternatively, overlay paper onto the sketch until you arrive at a suitable landscape. Once you have made all decisions, draw the final draft. This should include colors and textures to bring the finalized plan to life.

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