How Do You Create an Interesting Event Name?

When creating an impressive event name, consider the theme or meaning of the event. An interesting event name should guide or give guests a sneak preview on the purpose of the event. For Instance, if it is a veterans charity event, consider creating something like “Victory for Vets 2015.” An attention-grabbing event name needs to be unique, simple, memorable and punchy.

One way of creating a catchy, unique and interesting event name is by blending two words into one name. For example, "Charity Gala 2015" becomes "Cha-la 2015." If your event has long-winded names, then consider using an acronym as the event name.

If the event is corporate, stay away from the common business jargon. These common words can make an event seem boring. To create an attractive name for a company event, try to add a personal touch to the name. For example, if it is a product launch, consider creating a name that relates to the need the product solves as opposed to using the name of the product.

To come up with an interesting event name, consider the kind of emotions you would like to evoke. If it is a celebration, consider using words associated with that theme, such as "toast," "delight" and "bliss." Made-up names can also be great for an event; they should, however, be catchy and simple.