How Do You Create Home Floor Plans?

You can create home floor plans through Floorplanner and SmartDraw. Both programs have websites where you can sign up for and/or download the programs. SmartDraw offers a free program download, and Floorplanner enables you to sign up for free and then purchase program components if desired.

Floorplanner enables you to both create and share interactive floor plans. The program enables a basic plan creation in minutes, and then you can design the interior with items from the program's library, including furniture. The items enable you to compare space availability in a room. The program comes in three levels: Basic, Plus and Pro. Additional features for purchase, for all or some of the levels, are photos and videos, iPad and iPhone apps, branding and multiple staff logins.

SmartDraw provides both diagrams and templates. Template categories include House Plans, Office Plans, Deck Design, Bedroom Plans and Restaurant Floor Plans. You can access the floor plan creation program by either running SmartDraw on your browser, or by downloading it to your computer. You need to create a personal website account with user name and password in order to work with the program. You can also purchase Standard, Business and Enterprise versions of the program.