How Do You Create a Heart Icon?

How Do You Create a Heart Icon?

Inserting a heart icon into your text on Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites requires users to select the text field, press the Alt key and select the number 3 on the keyboard. Most computers can also create hearts through the use of simple keyboard shortcuts.

  1. Select text field

    Click on the text box where you wish to type your message. Just like typing any other message, if the cursor does not appear in the text box, the heart will not appear.

  2. Press Alt key

    Press and hold the Alt key on the computer keyboard. There are two Alt keys, located on the bottom row on either side of the space bar. It does not matter which Alt key you use.

  3. Press 3 on keypad

    Using your computer's numerical keypad on the far right of your keyboard, press the number 3. The heart should appear in the text box.

  4. Insert a heart without a keypad

    If, like many laptops, your keyboard does not include a numerical keypad, you need to use the Fn key to insert a heart. To do this, press and hold Fn and Alt, then press the letter L key. The heart should appear in the text box.