How Do You Create a Figurine for Clay Animation?

How Do You Create a Figurine for Clay Animation?

Sculpt a clay animation figurine by planning your design, creating an armature and sculpting with plastalina clay. Creating a figurine takes approximately two hours and requires paper, a pencil, armature wire, wire cutters, plastalina clay, sclupting tools and Sculpey, a clay that hardens when put in the oven.

  1. Plan your figurine

    Draw the character full-sized on a piece of paper. Mark the joints. This helps you envision the skeleton of the figurine.

  2. Plan the skeleton

    Measure one length of wire for the head and torso, one for each arm and one for each leg, doubling each measurement. Cut the lengths of wire.

  3. Assemble the armature

    Twist the torso wire, leaving a large loop at the top for the head. Twist each limb the same way, leaving smaller loops for the hands and feet. Use Sculpey to attach the arms and legs to the torso. Fire the skeleton according to manufacturer's directions for the Sculpey.

  4. Apply the clay

    Pack the clay on the armature. Start with rough shapes, ensuring the wire skeleton is completely covered.

  5. Sculpt the limbs

    Use a metal sculpting spatula to smooth out the clay. Apply balls of clay to each appendage, and work into the shape of hands and feet. Use the spatula to separate the fingers and toes. Flatten the bottom of the feet so the figurine stands.

  6. Sculpt the face.

    Use a fine sculpting knife to carve out eyes. Add a small ball of clay to the face, and sculpt a nose. Carve a deep hole where the mouth goes. Apply thin rolls of clay for the lips.

  7. Add details

    Sculpt hair and clothes out of the clay. Use craft paint to color in the details.