How Do You Create Characters Using Bitstrips?


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Create characters using Bitstrips by first designing a personal avatar in Bitstrip's Character Builder, then adding as many characters to your profile as you want by choosing each one in the Character Builder. Click on Edit my Avatar to create or edit features for all the characters you design. Click on the various parts of the body to make changes. Save each character once you complete the design.

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To create a personal avatar, navigate to your Bitstrips profile page, and click on Edit my Avatar to get to the Character Builder. First click on the face, swapping features by clicking on each one and choosing a feature that suits you. Change the size of each feature as desired. Next, click on the body to change the height, weight and clothing options, changing the colors of both skin tone and clothing using the squares provided on the left of the avatar. Change your avatar's expression and body placement with the character controls above the design window.

Repeat this process for each character you wish to design. Bitstrips saves characters in the Comic Builder Library. If you want to add characters to any comic strip you create, click on the Art Library tab above the comic scene, and drag the desired character into the image. Adjust the character's expression and stance using the Controls panel that opens when you double-click the character. Add dialogue between characters by dragging text bubbles from the upper menu to the desired location.

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