How Do You Create a CD Jewel Case Cover?

How Do You Create a CD Jewel Case Cover?

To create a CD jewel case cover, select cover art and print the cover out on a printer. Some programs, such as iTunes, can automatically scale cover art to the correct size. Computer users can also use a jewel case insert template to ensure that the cover is the correct size.

To print out a cover in iTunes, use the following steps.

  1. Choose a cover image
  2. To start, select a song or playlist in iTunes. Any music purchased from iTunes includes album art. However, users can also enter their own artwork and add it to a playlist. To add artwork to an iTunes playlist, go to "File" and select "Get Info." Choose "Artwork" from the list of options and click "Add" to add a new image.

  3. Adjust the settings
  4. If there is more than one image in a song or playlist's artwork settings, iTunes automatically displays and prints the first one. Therefore, users should ensure that the image they want to use is the first on the list. Use the drag function to add the image to the first position on the list. Delete unwanted photos by pressing "Delete."

  5. Print the jewel case cover
  6. Make sure the playlist or song with the desired image is selected. Click on "File" and then select "Print" from the dropdown menu. Choose "CD Jewel Case Insert" from the list of options in the popup that appears and click "Print" to print the cover.

Companies such as Avery also offer templates that are compatible with Microsoft Word. Users can insert their own artwork into the template and print them.