How Do You Create a Free Business Logo?

How Do You Create a Free Business Logo? and are websites that offer a free platform to create logo designs, as of 2015. Users create logos with templates that can be customized and edited. A fee is required for users who wish to download the logo. Both sites charge approximately $40 to download a logo, but users are allowed to make any changes to the logo for free in the future.

To create a business logo using, enter the company name and category in the fields located on the homepage. Logos are generated according to the business name and type; select a design from the provided list of logos, and customize the logo using the tools provided. After designing and editing the logo, download it by clicking the Download button, or save the design for future purchase using the Add to Wishlist button.

To create business logos using free templates on, use the left column to type in a business name, and select an image category that fits the business type. Search for specific designs using the search form above the listed categories. After a category is chosen, a list of logo templates is displayed. After selecting an image, a free editing platform loads to allow full customization of the logo. When completed, download the image by clicking the Download Your Logo button at the bottom of the screen.