How Do You Create a Basic Template for a Print Newspaper?


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To create a print newspaper template it is important to include the basic aspects of design such as the name of the newspaper, the issue number and consistent font and style formats for headlines and body text. These should appear on every single page, along with page numbers.

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The name of the newspaper should be at the top of the page, along with the issue number or the date of publication. This is the most important part of the newspaper template, as it identifies what the paper is.

When designing a newspaper it is best to go with a classic font style. Readers will be able to navigate best with fonts and article organization they are accustomed to. The template should include no more than three different fonts, and they should be easy to read. The size of the text is also important so that readers can identify the difference between headlines, articles and cut lines. When designing a template, consider proper spacing between text and visuals.

With digital media formats increasing in the news industry, a print newspaper template should have a simple design. Including an index is helpful for navigation, as well as arranging the most interesting or timely information above the fold on the front page.

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