How Do You Create an Anime Character?


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To create an anime character, make a stencil drawing and a storyline for the desired character. Create the character by hand if you are skilled at drawing or use an illustration program on a computer.

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A stencil drawing shows how the character appears. While drawing the character, design and color the clothes, body, face and hair as desired. Additionally, when making a stencil drawing include some notes regarding the special characteristics or abilities of the character. Use these notes to refine the character sketch.

Alongside the basic sketch, create a storyline that acts as the world in which the character lives. Create a world with an appropriate background with respect to the time period and place the character is in.

If you are creating the anime character by hand, buy storyboard pages and draw each incident related to the character in separate panels. Include details about the happenings in words below every scene. If you are using a computer to create the anime character, use a digital drawing tablet rather than a mouse for drawing. Open an illustrator program, such as Adobe Illustrator, or download a free illustration program, such as Inkster, and practice drawing on a computer before preparing the final sketch.

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