How Do You Create an Animated GIF File From Your Pictures?


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To create an animated GIF file from your pictures, navigate to websites such as MakeAGIF.com or GIFMaker.me, upload your pictures, choose the desired animation parameters, and download the resulting file in the GIF format. Alternatively, use freeware software such as Photobie to create GIF files by adding pictures as layers and animating them.

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On MakeAGIF.com, click on the Picture to GIF option, click Add Pictures, select the pictures you want to animate, and click Open. Arrange the pictures in the desired order by dragging them, and click Continue. On the next screen, select a delay between individual pictures to specify the animation speed, resize the images if necessary, and select a category. Add a title for the GIF file, choose the appropriate rating, and click on the Create a GIF button. GIFMaker.me offers similar functionality, but it also provides an option to specify how many times the animation loops.

To create a GIF file via Photobie, start the program, and open the desired pictures. Select an image that you want to use as the second frame of the animation, press Ctrl A to select the entire image, press Ctrl C to copy it, select the picture you want to use as the starting frame, and press Ctrl V to add another layer to it. Repeat this process for the other pictures, select the GIF Animation option, and click Animation Control Panel. Add the delay times between each layer to control the animation speed, and then click on the blue floppy disk icon to save the animation as a GIF file.

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