How Do You Create an Animated Cartoon?


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To create an animated cartoon, use modern computer software to create either two-dimensional or three-dimensional cartoons, either creating individual frames or rendering a 3D animation. You can also use traditional hand-drawn techniques: draw each individual frame, capture them one at a time with a scanner or camera, and then combine the still images into a cartoon.

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The easiest way to create an animated cartoon requires computer software such as Adobe Flash or Autodesk 3ds Max. You can use Adobe Flash and similar programs to make 2D animations by creating still images and animating individual frames within the programs, similar to traditional hand-drawn animation. Use 3D software if you are interested in creating a cartoon similar to a Pixar animated feature. You can use a 3D program to create one or more characters and an environment, and then animate those elements within the software, before finally rendering the animated piece as a watchable video.

Traditional 2D animation is fairly easy to make with modern computers and cameras, but requires a great deal of time. Determine what you want to animate, such as a person walking down a street, and how long the animation should last. Then draw individual pictures that you scan into a computer or photograph digitally to create the frames of your cartoon. For basic video, you need to make 30 frames for each second of video, and then use computer software to turn those frames into a video. With an older film camera, you can also take still images for each frame of a film and then view them as a cartoon, but using a computer program makes it easier.

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