What Are Some Crafts Made on "The Chew" TV Series?


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Some crafts made on "The Chew" television series include cupcake liner flowers, tinted mason jars and pasta necklaces. A variety of holiday crafts are also made on the show.

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Scissors, pipe cleaners and paper cupcake liners are needed to make cupcake liner flowers. Stack a few cupcake liners, and fold them across the middle. Fold the liners again into quarters, and then cut the edge into a petal shape. Unfold the stacked liners, and attach a pipe cleaner through the center of each layer. Secure the paper to the pipe cleaner by twisting it around the base.

Tinted mason jars are made with food coloring, craft glue, glass jars and a mixing bowl. Mix the food coloring and craft glue in a bowl, and pour the blended solution into a jar. Rotate the jar until the mixture is evenly distributed inside. Pour out the excess glue, and place the jar upside down to dry.

Supplies for pasta necklaces include dry penne noodles, spray paint, super glue, thin ribbon and a skewer. Place the penne noodles on a skewer to hold them while spray painting. Allow the noodles to dry, and then arrange them in a chevron shape. Glue the noodles together. Finally, thread the necklace ribbon through the pasta, and tie it together at the ends.

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