What Are Some Crafts From FamilyFun Magazine?


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As of 2015, some crafts from FamilyFun magazine include a family picture wreath, an advent calendar and dressy napkins for any occasion. These and other craft ideas are available on the FamilyFun website, Parents.com.

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Dressy napkins are a great craft idea before a party or family dinner. Parents and children take a stack of white napkins, an assortment of stamps and pads of ink in various colors. This craft project takes boring napkins and makes them more festive for a birthday or holiday. For an added splash of color, parents and kids can add a ribbon to the napkin and tie a neat bow.

Parents can help their children create an advent calendar with 25 decorative envelopes and a corkboard. Each envelope gets a number one to 25. With the help of the parents, children can arrange the envelopes in the shape of a tree in numerical order. Parents need to place a small gift in each of the envelopes.

A family picture wreath is a craft project for any time of year. Children and parents choose small pictures of all the family members and glue them on to cardboard circles. Each picture gets a decorative border and a small bow with a bell attached and glued to a wreath form. The top of the wreath includes a string handle and bow on top. Changing the bow colors make this a great project year round.

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