What Are Some Crafts That Can Be Made With Shells?


Shells can be used in crafts that range in difficulty and complexity to a simple repurposing of a single large shell, such as a large shell being used as a bookend, to complex sculpting projects that require the use of multiple shells of different shapes and sizes, such as a beach scene complete with a small house crafted out of shells. Seashell crafts require different equipment depending on the complexity of the project. Some projects simply require a shell and some glue to complete while others require additional equipment, including paint and a cutting tool.

Other examples of simple crafts that can be made with seashells are tiny tea light candles that use the shell's hollow inside as a container for the wax and large shells that are repurposed as air plant holders. More complex crafts using shells include attaching shells to a decorative wreath and using different colors of shell to make a mosaic. Shells can also be collected and displayed on their own for appreciation of their natural beauty, and rather than simply laying the shells on a bookshelf, crafty folks can come up with other methods of display, including attaching the shells to a decorative box or purchasing and painting a shadow box table and filling it with sand and shells.