What Are Country Line Dance Steps?


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The first step to the line dance the country slide is the "step together step touch," which consists of stepping right with the right foot, stepping the left foot beside the right, stepping the right foot to the right again, and tapping the left big toe near the right foot. To complete this step, the dancer repeats the process in reverse, beginning by stepping to the left with the left foot instead of with the right.

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What Are Country Line Dance Steps?
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The second component of the country slide is the "angle forward step together step touch." To perform this move, the dancer steps to the right at a forward angle with the right foot, then slides the left foot to the side of the right foot. The dancer steps forward at an angle with the right foot once again, then hitches the left knee upward. Dancers with knee problems can tap the left toe instead of hitching the knee. Next, the dancer repeats these moves in reverse, beginning with the left leg.

The country slide continues with a move called the "back back turn hitch," which involves stepping back onto the right and then left foot, turning 90 degrees to the right and hitching up the left knee. Lastly, dancers perform the "back back back hitch." This step requires stepping back onto the left foot, right foot and left foot again. Dancers finish with a right knee hitch.

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