Does the Cost of Front-Row Tickets Depend More on the Venue or Performer?


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The cost of front-row tickets heavily depend on the venue, performer, tour and many other elements. A popular band in a large venue that is expected to sell-out will have front-row seat ticket prices exponentially higher than a band at a smaller stadium. Although the tickets are priced higher, the funds from the sales are used to cover the actual costs of the concert.

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There are several factors that come together to affect the cost of a front-row ticket. The first revolves around the popularity of a band. A musician that is unknown and has a smaller following in some cases will spend money just to have an audience. However, more popular artists will have a larger following and demand, which will also increase the value of a ticket.

Another factor that plays a role in ticket price is the size of the venue. Most bands and musicians do not make their income based off of the concerts they play; instead, the funds go to what it costs to play in a large venue. This can be for hotel stays, food, a light show, advertisement and more.

The type of tour can also make an impact. For example, Michael Jackson's This Is It tour sold-out its tickets in under an hour. Prices ranged from $85 - $125.

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