What Is the Correct Reading Order of "Infinite Crisis"?

correct-reading-order-infinite-crisis Credit: Gabriela Hasbun/Taxi/Getty Images

The chronological order of the "Infinite Crisis" series is the "Prelude to Infinite Crisis" one-shot, the "Countdown to Infinite Crisis" one-shot, the four prelude miniseries, the "Infinite Crisis" main storyline, the "Infinite Crisis: Secret Files" one-shot, the four "Infinite Crisis" specials, the two "Aftermath" miniseries and the "Brave New World" one-shot. The story arc consists of the main seven-issue story as well as many other shorter storylines.

"Prelude to Infinite Crisis" begins the series and collects multiple storylines from different comics leading up to the "Infinite Crisis" arc. "Countdown to Infinite Crisis" comes next, detailing the Blue Beetle's investigation of all the events leading up to the crossover. The four prelude miniseries include "The OMAC Project," "Day of Vengeance," "Villains United" and "Rann-Thanagar War." These storylines function independently from one another, but they tie into the larger crossover storyline.

The main "Infinite Crisis" story arc is a seven-issue limited series that details massive changes to the DC Universe. The "Infinite Crisis: Secret Files" one-shot gives background to the story's main characters. The four "Infinite Crisis" specials augment the stories of the four prelude miniseries. The two "Aftermath" miniseries are the three-issue "The Spectre" and the seven-issue "Battle for Bludhaven." Finally, the "Brave New World" one-shot serves as a preview of the various new heroes who emerge in the wake of the "Infinite Crisis" storyline.